Creating Effective Social Media Advertisement

Social media most likely plays a large part in the overall marketing agenda of your business. You’ve taken every step to build a website that is not only informative for your customers but engaging, and have been routinely active on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. However, at some point you may want to transition from communicating to your loyal followers to expanding your audience as a whole. You may have grown your social media following by word of mouth or simply being noticed on the web for some time. Capturing a broader audience that is interested in the products or services that you offer can be a complicated process. Simply accumulating a large number of followers (for example) may not produce the type of effect on your business that you’re hoping for. Doubling the audience on your social media profile doesn’t mean an increase in qualified customers, or interested prospects. If you elect to use social media advertisement as the way to build a greater audience, you’ll want to observe a few tips beforehand.

First rule of thumb is to understand that creating one advertisement won’t cut it. When newspapers plan to unveil front page stories to their readership, they typically mull a variety of options and consider the best one that will resonate with their audience. Writing several versions of your advertisement copy may seem mundane, but consider that every wasted advertisement makes your current and potential audience increasingly blind to your communication. You should also test different images. Which colors echo to your customers and target audience? Which colors and images turn them off? Promotion by agenda can be a backwards approach to your social media advertising campaign. While you may be interested in certain colors and images that serve true to your personality or mood, it’s a better idea to cater to your target demographic.

Call to action is also an important component of any advertisement, especially social media. The reason why social media advertisement is growing into the most popular mode of advertising is its ability to quick conversion. Your advertisement might be aimed at sending potential customers to your website or to simply double your social media population. Either way, a targeted campaign that properly addresses your core audience and provides incentive to complete an action not only makes the advertisement a success, but a better way to measure your ad dollars.

Last, always provide some proof as to why the reader should care about what you’re promoting. One major mistake that many business owners fall for is assuming that all consumers care about their product or service, simply because they do. The passion that you have for your business won’t always be shared by another that isn’t directly affiliated. Your advertisement must do a great job at capturing attention, informing, influencing and converting.