Marketing into 2018

As 2017 comes to close, and if your business has a few extra dollars in your marketing budget you want to put to good use before the year’s over, you may think: Why bother with updated content considering how much work it takes to produce something entirely new? There is a way to connect your brand to a much larger audience and you can use your existing content. With content, there is a big misconception that once you publish a piece, you’re done with it. This is not true, in the slightest. This is where repurposing previously published content comes into play. Below we’ve discussed how to get started with repurposing content during these last few weeks of the year. Check out the tips from Branding Innovations Today and make the end of the year count.

Recycle Successful Content

Down the line, you can always repurpose or recycle something that you’ve created, and there are a ton of advantages to adding repurposed content to your current marketing strategy, such as:

  • An exposure boost: If you recycle an old blog post and change it into an interactive feature, for example, you can create new opportunities for backlinks, and even authoritative links from high-placement sites. This can help increase your placement for certain keywords.
  • Reach a new audience: Think about reusing content as essentially a follow-up email. Your first email could have sat there, unopened, but the follow-up email gives readers another chance to see whatever it is that you sent in the first email. The same principle applies to recycled content. The target audience may have read the first piece, but now those who didn’t will have another chance and even those who did read it now have a chance to get a refresher.

A great place to begin is by reviewing your site analytics to see which pages had the best engagement within this past year. When studying your report, keep an eye out for content which encouraged the most views, placements, and social shares. Reusing content and figuring out how to re-engage old contacts will save content creators so much time, especially when it comes to getting the most out of the business’s end-of-the-year marketing labors.

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Instagram Sales

We at Branding Innovations Today know you utilize Instagram for your sales and marketing needs, and for promoting your business. As the network has 600 million viable customers, it is an essential place for you to market yourself, getting the results that will help you to attain what you have been searching for in a sales deal. There is a way for every lead you bring in to be worth that much more money, and you do not even have to pay anything to get them. You could make considerably more money in a relatively limited time, and even get a 1,000% return on investment in a mere 13 days. As you are sure to be, there is more to Instagram than simply being a site people post pictures to!


How to Make Your Next Sale

So, as a marketer, why should you pay attention to Instagram? Engagement with brands is 10X higher on Instagram than it is on Facebook, 54X higher than Pinterest, and 64 times higher than Twitter. Businesses are spending money on Instagram, and consumers are purchasing through the site. In fact, those very same consumers are more likely to trust a brand that they see advertised on Instagram. Just by following a few steps, you can generate thousands of dollars. Here you can attract traffic through hashtag use, and get the necessary contact information for your leads. Before long, your growing customer base will be taking the next step.


Here at Branding Innovations Today, we are determined to show you how much easier fulfilling your next sales via Instagram can be, using these methods. When you decide you are ready to put this all to use, you will know you are in the right place, and that there is no limit to how much money you can bring in. Call us today, and learn about the possibilities.

Your Instagram Ad Campaign

At Branding Innovations Today, we know that Instagram is likely a part of your everyday promotional efforts. It is important to understand what you are dealing with, and the best ways to incorporate it for use in your business. People often have assumed that these ads are the same as Facebook ads since Instagram ads have been added to the kinds of advertisements presents on Facebook. It is vital that you consider these two unique platforms. Find out today what you need to know before you set out on a campaign, so you can get the best possible results.


What to Know Before Your Campaign

As someone using Instagram ads, it is important to know that there are two kinds. Story ads, and the ones that will appear in the mobile feed. Mobile feeds are no different from those that appear in a Facebook news feed, and can consist of an image, a video, or both, and saved like normal posts. Story ads have no Facebook equivalent and are part of the chat feature, taking up an entire screen but being shorter than regular videos. For building brand awareness and sending traffic to your website, these can be ideal. Both types of ads are mobile only, and there are many formats to choose from, each of which has its own advantages. Max video lengths are shorter than those of Facebook, and do not require hashtags. As you will find, the effectiveness and potential engagement can justify the cost and then some.


Find out how the team at Branding Innovations Today can help you with your Instagram marketing efforts. To discover what we can do to help you out when it comes to promoting yourself via this social network, come to us today.

Getting Started with Instagram

We at Branding Innovations Today know you are looking for better ways to promote your business, and Instagram could be a step in the right direction. There are more than 500 million users on Instagram, and over five million businesses. This allows people to visually tell stories and build their brand, something that they would not find elsewhere. If new to these concepts, it can be daunting to try to stand out in a large crowd of people and other corporate entities. But anyone who follows some basic steps can be well on their way to utilizing the tools to achieve success and prosperity


Simple Steps for Getting Started

Setting up Instagram is easy, and with the right guidance, you can be well on the way to achieving everything that you have dreamed of. Set up your account and profile, and begin posting photos. Photos can be set up as portrait or landscape, and you can upload up to 10 pictures and videos in one post. Post stories, find relevant people to follow, and comment on existing posts. Convert to a business profile, and utilize the free analytics that are offered. Additionally, there are many tools offered that you can use. Combine these methods, and you can begin formulating your own marketing strategy, setting yourself on the road to success.


Let the team at Branding Innovations Today be the ones that are going to help you. Instagram can be one of the best resources made available to you, and we will stop at nothing to take you to the places that you most want to go. This is your time to shine, and no one is going to help you out like this team. Give us a call today, and your whole future can change for the best.

Fun and Your Brand

At Branding Innovations Today, we understand the importance of branding, and perhaps more importantly, that you need to find a way to make it “fun” for yourself and your clientele. When people see your advertising and that you are a “fun” business, they will be far more likely to become a part of what you are offering. Companies like Apple, McDonalds, and Coca-Cola all have advertising endeavors that take full advantage of this, and you could be the next ones to take advantage of this. But, how does one go about making something like this happen?


Making Your Brand Fun

So, how do you make it fun? First and foremost, be social! To attract a younger audience, you need to take your efforts to the top social media websites. Bring the brand closer to the young people through these portals. You will want a visually pleasant website, and to listen to your audience and their feedback. Things like honing your sense of humor, finding business partners, and creating a memorable mascot for the business can all be essential for leaving an impact on your clientele. As you move towards a fun brand, you will have more clients, and continue to satisfy and impress the customers that you already have.


Let the team at Branding Innovations Today tell you more about making your brand fun. This is something that could continue to impress you, showing you a pathway to bigger and better things, with fun branding that will keep paving the way for your success and customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Facebook Live

Find out how we at Branding Innovations Today can help you here. For your business, Facebook and other social media tools have likely been major components of your marketing endeavor, Facebook Live being something major that regularly comes up. Anyone can broadcast straight from a mobile device using it, and since its launch, the popularity of live streaming videos has skyrocketed. There are many nuances that you should familiarize yourself with if you are serious about using these tools to further market and promote yourself, and we are happy to lend a hand here.


How to Use Facebook Life

Facebook Live remains something regularly used by business owners as a means of engaging their customers, not to mention drastically growing their customer base. Using the Facebook Live service is as easy as clicking a live video tab, allowing access to your camera and microphone, and selecting the privacy settings for the video. Be sure to title the video effectively, and choose your location and tag the right people for maximum exposure. You can then set up a camera view, and add additional elements and enhancements to the video, while interacting with viewers and commenters who come your way. When used effectively, this can be effective for your business.


At Branding Innovations Today, we understand the importance of using Facebook Live for your business. That is why we are continuing to promote it, and tell people about the ways that it can be further utilized for their own endeavors. Get in touch with us today, and you will see the possibilities for yourself!

Facebook Contests

At Branding Innovations Today, we know that Facebook is integral to promoting your endeavors. With two billion users, and 70 million business pages, it is no surprise that Facebook is a site that continues to be essential for those that want to get the word of their businesses out there. But in a crowd of 70 million, how do you make yourself stand out? Interactive content is a better attention getter than static content, so finding a way to incorporate this is an important part of your marketing strategy. Contests are one such way of making this happen.


How to Run a Facebook Contest

It is important as someone running a Facebook contest, that you take the time to review all applicable laws and regulations. It is also important to make it clear to the potential entrants that you are running the contest, and not Facebook directly. Some things to avoid include running a contest on your personal timeline, and encouraging sharing the contest to gain extra entries; the latter, along with use of tags to enter a contest, can be frustrating, and are expressly prohibited by Facebook’s rules. Like or comment to win, photo caption contests, and trivia contests are a few potential ideas, and all should be taken under consideration here.


See how Branding Innovations Today we can help you to get what you are looking for in terms of utilizing Facebook contests for helping promote your business and endeavors. When you are ready to learn more about these methods and strategies, get in touch with us!

Essentials for Writing

At Branding Innovations Today, we know blogging is an integral part of your business, and would like you to know the importance of having writing skills that could steer you in a stronger direction. It is important to become someone that utilizes these methods for the sake of getting word of your company not there, but you must also be careful and see to it that your efforts are professional, and will gain you credibility with your clientele. What you may not realize is that becoming a better writer does not mean having to sign up for a bunch of expensive university courses. Our team is pleased to share some valuable tips with you here.


The Writing Tips

What writing strategies will help you to be a better blogger? First and foremost, trim the fat. Your message should be short, concise, and to the point. A single sentence should only cover a single idea, and your sentences should all flow together, not feeling redundant. Sentence length and structure should be varied, and you should get rid of clichés and overdone elements. Appeal to the senses of your audience, and do not be afraid to let things go or to take a break when you need one. Just by adhering to these rules, you can become a better blogger in no time flat!


See why we at Branding Innovations Today are the ones best suited to helping you become a better writer and blogger. We are continuing to present people with the things that will help them to attain and achieve better things. Get in touch with us today, and you will be on the path to becoming a master blogger, be it for your business, or your personal use!

Email Marketing Program Basics

We at Branding Innovations Today will stop at nothing to help you launch a marketing venture via email. All businesses have to start their marketing processes somewhere, so it is no surprise that the world of e-mail is a promising beginning for people that long for something better. However, it is not a good idea to simply launch yourself into something without the proper preparations. When you are just starting out, it is important to leave the best possible impression on your potential clientele. What ins and outs are there to look at when it comes to ma marketing campaign, and could this work wonders for your business?


The Steps to Get Started


Just by considering a few important steps, your process can be greatly expanded. First and foremost, figure out what you’re sending; all email programs need to have a purpose, and should not be done aimlessly. Take the time to decide what you want to accomplish through these means. Use an in-house method, and do what it takes to guarantee that you are not sending things that will be marked as spam by the recipients. Permission-based tactics are not to be overlooked, and segmenting the lists for personalization remains just as important. Likewise, do not leave out a call to action; you need your clients to be able to act, so that they can take the next major step in committing to you.


Let us at Branding Innovations Today introduce you to these concepts. We have proven to people that this is the best way to make it all happen; others are already experiencing success for themselves, and you could soon have the same. Call us today to begin your training and mentoring.

The Future of E-Mail

At Branding Innovations Today, we know how big a part of your enterprises e-mail is, and how you are utilizing it. In fact, the marketing world has been utilizing these mailed advertisements and resources for decades now. We have seen the business landscape change over time, and not surprisingly, business people are expected to evolve and change with the times, so that they can appeal to the masses and remain relevant. But how exactly does one go about doing this? When you come to us, we can guide you in the right direction.


What to Expect in 2018

What major changes can you expect to e-mail as we enter 2018? There will be better ways of dealing with the onslaught of e-mails; you need to keep yours relevant and interesting, so that they are not discarded like many pieces of spam that people receive. E-mail is here to stay, but it is likely that things will happen like a video component becoming more common. You will want to engage your clientele with interactive letters, and a content presentation that is customized around a particular person’s interests and the like.


See what we can do at Branding Innovations Today to help you utilize e-mail and answer these questions. Our information can be what you have been looking for; learn more about the future of e-mail today, and see yourself on a pathway to marketing to bigger numbers of people, while keeping the concept of these letters and adverts interesting and relevant.