Blogging to Benefit Your Brand

There are plenty of small businesses that are rather intimidated when it comes to blogging. They feel that their level of blog experience and the amount of material that they will be able to produce is only a drop in the bucket in comparison to what large companies are able to produce using digital marketing factories to mass create content. This has left many small businesses feeling as if they are not able to compete against large companies when it comes to blogging for the benefits of branding. The question I ask is… Why would you want to? As a small business owner, you are in position to offer your clients something that the big companies are not able to provide: a custom experience that caters directly to their needs.

When blogging for your brand, do not even try to compete with big companies for numbers that are generated by sending a generic mass produced message, instead focus on delivering a message directly to your target audience that speaks to their needs. You should focus on creating a relationship with your target audience by blogging on topics that are specific to the interest and goals of your readers. By taking to time to focus on creating a small group of loyal followers, you are building a group of readers that are looking forward to your next post. While large companies are mass producing a broad message that caters to the largest possible audience, you have an opportunity to address a much smaller group with a specific message that directly pertains to them. As you begin to establish yourself as an authority within your small group of readers, your audience will begin to grow. This new and larger audience will help to share and spread the message about your boutique brand that is held in high regard since your company cares about its customers and the needs of your audience. In many ways, the online consumer is doing everything they can to avoid the bigger companies. With your brand, they feel a connection to your company and your services, and ultimately, that loyalty is an example of your effective branding.