Facebook Contests

At Branding Innovations Today, we know you likely use Facebook for the sake of promoting your business endeavors. If this sounds like you at all, Facebook contests are something to consider. One of these contests can be quite simple; just run the contest right through a status update on your timeline. As your goal is to increase engagement and reach, this can help you to attain the things that you need for your business to continue expanding and gain further exposure. While there are more complex options and choices for contests, there are a few that you could have up and running in mere minutes!

The Contest Varieties

For Facebook contests, there are some options so simplistic and to the point that they can be up before you know it, doing their job. Find an incentive that you can give away, and let people enter by liking the post. You can even include an image of the prize. Something like commenting to win is just as easy, and gives people what they are looking for in terms of engagement. “Solve to Win” and uploading of picture contests are some of the most popular options as well. There are also contests where someone captions a photo, as well as those that involve joining an e-mail list.

Let the team at Branding Innovations Today show you the best way to utilize these contests. We are happy to show you that there are useful and simple options that can have you everywhere you want to be, before you know it! Let this team be the one that is going to help you through trying times, enabling you to use Facebook contests to boost your prospects and clientele alike.

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