Short Attention Span Solutions

At Branding Innovations Today, we understand the importance of appealing to the proper in any business endeavor, and why it is important to get and keep the attention of anyone seeking your products or services. But is there a short attention span solution that could improve the way that you do things? Believe it or not, more people are spending time reading e-mails, despite an oft-believed myth that people have dwindling attention spans. It is worth noting that people on mobile devices spend more time reading the e-mails that they receive.

Optimizing E-Mails for Short Attention Spans

Even if attention spans are increasing, they are still short. There are many strategies and methods that should not be overlooked in this process. Subject line and preview text should align well with the content of the e-mail. Your design and composition should be mobile-aware, as more people than ever before get their mail from a mobile device. Heads, sub-heads, bullets, and other direct, “to the point” means are essential for while you have the attention of your reader. Use compelling images and the right links, and you will be on the road to getting your message across to your reader in the time you have their attention.

Branding Innovations Today understands the struggle that business leaders face when it comes to getting their point across to their demographic, as well as why this is important. When you are ready to come on board and utilize these methods to achieve greater results with your e-mail marketing, give us a call!

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