Should You Create a Facebook Page for Business?

Before you dive off into the world of social media looking to engage in conversation that will prove beneficial to your brand, it’s a good idea to examine each social media platform and if it’s a good fit for your business.

Insert Facebook; before you begin to schedule posts on the company calendar and come up with new creative ideas for content you should consider if a Facebook page is necessary for your business. You will want to know how well can Facebook’s mechanics and platform style fit into the overall structure of your brand. Simply paying attention to the structure of which Facebook operates (likes, comments, advertising and sharing) doesn’t cut the mustard. Those key elements are the foundation by which its users communicate, but they are not always the standard by which your business succeeds.

A number of businesses simply create social media pages to one up their competitors and counteract their industry moves. Many do not take the time to consider their customer base, if they are on Facebook and if that’s a proper mode of communication to reach them. Facebook, Twitter and all other social media platforms are about connecting and expanding your customer base. If the core demographic of your business is (for example) baby boomers, it would not be in your best interest to spend time on Facebook, as your messages will either reach the wrong demographic for your product or services, or perhaps your communication will be ignored all together. Either way, a loss occurs; a loss of time, profit and effort.

Appealing to the unique culture of social media is an important consideration. Every social network has its own “vibe”. Facebook is a bit more intimate due to no restriction on the length of posts. Do you constantly unveil new products that require an in depth understanding? Do your products sell more when they are marketed with many photos and descriptions? You may want to consider Facebook as a new marketing alternative. Just remember, it’s important to have your brand presence anywhere that your customer base is active. If that is Facebook, then post away.