Snapchat Ads

At Branding Innovations Today, we understand the important of using ads when it comes to marketing yourself via Snapchat. When you have a media platform with 166 million users every day, watching 10 billion videos, this is too big an audience to ignore. That is why people are setting out to try to capture a segment of this growing audience. Finding out more is easier than it has ever been; look at some of the ways that you can utilize the ads to connect with your potential consumers, building your brand name awareness along the way.

How to Utilize Snapchat Ads

There are different kinds of ads that one can use on Snapchat in their efforts to win over an audience. Snap Ads are 10 seconds or less, and give the option to provide more information; the extra info can range from longer videos, or written articles. You can even offer a way for the consumer to buy your products directly. Other ads include sponsored lenses, sponsored geofilters, and on-demand geofilters, all of which can focus on a particular area. Coming here, you can learn how to launch and ad campaign and make the most of this process.

Find out how we can help you at Branding Innovations Today. Having been helping people to utilize and take advantage of Snapchat for years, we can help you to discover the best ways of making these things happen. Give us a call today, and the process can begin!