Website Branding for the Real Estate Industry

Branding is of very vital importance for any business. It makes no difference what industry you are in, most customers always look a business and their reputation up online before doing business. The same serves true even for real estate agents. Your brand identity can give off an overall impression about you, your services and capability. It’s up to you as to what type of story is told, and on you control the first and lasting impression about your business. Your brand should make a bold statement about the scope and quality of work that you provide. The most successful real estate agents are also masters of their brand. Your brand as a real estate agent online should clearly convey your value, in addition to what separates you apart from other agents.

When you are hoping to brand your website in the interest of gaining more clients and keeping the business rolodex that you have, it is a good idea to format your website for your target customer. Are most of your client’s big families that are searching multi-family units? Do you work with some bachelors who are looking for million dollar condos in the heart of the city? You should have already come to an understanding of your core demographic, and be ready to capitalize. That’s only half of the equation for your website. Having a deep understanding of your target customer will not only help you with anticipating and servicing their needs but a website that speaks to those needs and exudes confidence in addressing them is highly valuable.

Next you will need to have a bit of a personal appeal on your site. Bullet points and single sentence descriptions of your business and the services involved are easy to maintain. However, a website that gives off important industry information is more useful. Having a mix of video, text, and audio that clearly communicate your professional position and the services that you are ready to offer is also key, and when your website conveys those points, you’ll lead the industry.
Last, your website branding should make you look like a real estate expert. As the adage says “it’s all in the details,” therefore it’s imperative not to take a cookie cutter approach to your website branding. Different, but useful is the idea, and when branding for the real estate industry, you’ll be a step or two above the competition.