Your Cover Photo Size

Let the team at Branding Innovations Today tell you about the best results with cover photo sizes; taking the time to do this correctly can have a positive impact on your buyers. It is one of the first things people will see when they come to your portal, so having the advantage when it comes to a first impression remains more important than ever. If your cover photo does not have the correct dimensions, it can have a negative effect on how your customers and potential clients perceive you, so taking the time to do this correctly is more important than ever. We are happy to be the ones that set the process into motion for you.

Ideal Size on Each Platform

For cover photo sizes, it is good to have a reference so that you know what to expect, and can get the best possible results. Differences between desktop and mobile should always be taken under consideration; you need to be aware of what devices your clients are using, and how these can display content differently. For example, on Facebook, your cover photo will look slightly different on the two formats, with more visibility on mobile at the top and bottom of the image. On LinkedIn, you will want a 4:1 aspect ratio; or four times as wide as tall. Similarly, on YouTube, channel art will look different on the desktop, mobile, and TV alike. Taking the time to prepare for each possibility can give you an edge.

At Branding Innovations Today, we are happy to continue offering you advice about cover photo sizes. We know you want to give your clientele the best possible experience, and this is the ideal way to get started. Get in touch with us now, so we can put a plan into place for you!